Kuwait to begin issuing family and visit visas

Kuwait has issued a circular stating that entry visas will be issued once again in accordance with the rules and regulations in force.

The family visa can be issued to the wife and children below 16 years only if the salary of the head of the family is 500 dinars or more and the same condition applies for the tourist or commercial visas. The salary must be mentioned in the work permit.

The decision stipulates that the wife of the applicant and ‘child’ above 12 years must have received doses of any of the vaccines approved in Kuwait. A certificate in this regard must be submitted at the time of applying for the visa.

The following have also been announced:

  • The issuance of family entry visa or a tourist visit visa for children of Kuwaiti woman married to a foreigner
  • The issuance of commercial visit visas for all activities is at the discretion of the director of the department
  • The issuance of government visit visas to all ministries and government agencies
  • The issuance of electronic visas to nationals of 53 countries who make the approved list
  • The issuance of visas for residents of the GCC countries who hold certain professions
  • The issuance of visas for hotels and companies registered in the automated system, in accordance with the procedures in force in the Special Services Department.


Times of Kuwait

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