Kuwait to import COVID-19 vaccine in private planes

As Kuwait waits for the Pfizer vaccine to be approved, health officials are starting to map out how the vaccine will be imported into Kuwait given that it needs to be stored at minus 70 degrees Celsius.

The Ministry of Health stated that it is fully prepared to import any vaccine in accordance with the regulatory procedures put in place to ensure the safety of the vaccine, Al Qabas reported.

A health source told Al Qabas that the vaccine will be transported in private planes that are equipped with cooling storages. Then once they arrive in Kuwait they will be transferred to refrigerated containers, in the Ministry’s warehouse in Sabhan, where they were being stored in a temperature controlled environment.

Public hospitals and administrative health centers will also be equipped with refrigerated stores.

The source added that they will be following the cold chain system, which is a temperature-controlled supply chain that maintains the required temperature during the transport of a product.


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