Kuwait To Impose 150-Dinar Fee For New Work Permits Starting June 1

The Public Authority for Manpower in Kuwait is preparing to introduce regulations, which include imposing a fee of 150 dinars (Dh1,796) for new work permits.

The Authority announced that these regulations regarding work permits and employment transfers will come into effect on June 1. It has updated its automated systems in anticipation of enforcing these new rules.

According to the new regulations, a fee of 150 dinars will be charged for issuing a first-time work permit. Additionally, a transfer fee of 300 dinars will apply for transferring a worker to a different company within the first three years of their stay in the country, provided the current employer approves.

The Authority has affirmed that its systems are fully prepared to implement these changes.

Furthermore, inspection teams will commence operations across all governorates, focusing on open areas starting from the same date to ensure compliance with the new regulations.


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