Kuwait to impose KD500 fine for hanging clothes on balconies

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The Municipal Council proposed a draft law on public cleanliness and waste transport, which includes imposing a fine of up to KD 500 on violators who clean carpets, furniture, or dry clothes by hanging on balconies overlooking the streets.

The proposed draft law, which was referred by the Acting Director General of Kuwait Municipality Nadia Al-Shraideh, also prohibited barbecue on sidewalks, streets, public spaces, parks, seaside, and state-owned lands according to the seventh article of the regulation. The draft law mentioned that the Director General of Kuwait Municipality must issue a decision specifying the allowed places to barbecue, and violators shall be fined KD 2,000 to KD 5,000.

The law came due to barbecue charcoals’ bad impact on the environment. In addition to accelerating biodiversity loss, disposing of coal by burry it directly under the sand has severe environmental damage to the marine environment and public hygiene.


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