Kuwait to review permits of expats stuck abroad

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Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior is set to review expired residency permits of 70,000 expatriates who are currently abroad since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early March.

The review process will begin next week and the Ministry of Interior will decide who will be allowed to return to Kuwait, according to the daily Al Qabas.

Senior officials within the Ministry of Interior will review the recommendations carefully. Those who will be allowed to return will enter with a visit visa and then have their residencies transferred to their previous employer.

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Although a final decision has not been made, the study will recommend that 3 groups of people not be allowed to return to the country. The groups are: those over 60, those with permits from fake companies, and marginal workers, otherwise known as day to day workers.

As for domestic workers, it will depend on their age and security background. Those above the age of 60 will unlikely be able to return.

The study is also looking into residency permits of family members and spouses. A source told Al Qabas that as many people spend most of their time abroad and enter Kuwait before their 6-month visa ends, to keep their residency permits, they most likely will not be allowed to renew their residency permits again.

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