Kuwait: Two Arrested Over Dealing In Fake Visas And Work Permits

Kuwaiti police have arrested two persons suspected of dealing in forged visas and work permits amid a relentless clampdown on illegal expatriates in the country.

The pair, whose nationalities were not revealed, are accused of forging official documents and selling false work permits and visas in return for money.

In a raid over their den, police seized equipment used in forgery, official seals and counterfeit currencies.

The swoop unleashed by the police in charge of residency affairs is part of the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry’s efforts against crime, maintain security, arrest outlaws and combat corruption, the ministry said.

The suspects have been referred to competent agencies to take the necessary legal procedures with them, the ministry added without further details.

Kuwait has an overall population of 4.8 million people including around 3.3 million foreigners.

Last month, Kuwait overhauled its labour permit system, easing restrictions on recruiting workers from abroad in a step aimed to overcome shortages at home and lower hire costs.

The board of the Kuwaiti Public Authority of Manpower (PAM) unanimously agreed to amend the mechanism of issuing work permits to address a shortage of labourers and limit the overall cost and rising wages of manpower in the country, Kuwaiti media reported.

By virtue of the new rules that will go into effect on June 1, employers will be allowed to recruit workers from abroad without being obligated to first transfer the existing manpower inside Kuwait in a move also aimed to develop the business environment in the country.

Previously, employers were obligated to meet their labour needs through workers’ transfer inside the country and recruit certain portions from abroad, a system blamed for sending wages of manpower and consequently consumer prices higher.

In an attempt to maintain labour stability at home, the approved changes incorporate a new fee arrangement for issuing work permits.

Accordingly, an initial work permit is issued for KD150 (Dh1,793). A fee of KD300 is levied for transferring a worker from one company to another within the first three years of employment. The transfer hinges on the employer’s consent.


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