Kuwait Withdraws Medicines Containing Chloroquine

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Kuwait’s health ministry has decided to withdraw all quantities of medicines containing hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine from private pharmacies and limit them to hospitals and health centres only.

In a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), the ministry’s Undersecretary of Health for Drug and Food Control Affairs Dr Abdullah Al Bader said that the decision requested pharmacies to provide the drug inspection department with a detailed statement of the drugs’ quantities.

The decision came in the interest of the ministry to tighten control over the exchange and circulation of medicines and to preserve the health of patients, he added.

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He noted that the drug Blacknell, which contains hydroxychloroquine, is registered in Kuwait to treat immune diseases such as arthritis, lupus and skin allergy diseases, pointing that it has not been licensed and approved so far from normal bodies as a drug to treat the coronavirus.

This treatment is currently used as an experimental treatment within protocols for specific cases of patients under the supervision of specialized medical staff who closely follow the patient and monitor the occurrence of any adverse symptoms or complications during the treatment period.

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