Kuwaiti blogger says criticism of her is an attack on Kuwait, Gulf countries, Islam, the hijab, and she’ll advise her followers to boycott brands that drop her

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What she said …

Here’s an excerpt of Al Qattan’s tirade, courtesy of The National’s translator Liza Ayach:

“Here sounds off the azan. I trust in God. He will deal out every single person who is trying to defame another. I trust in God. He will deal out all the enemies of Islam.

I’ve been reported by 90 press agencies, and 90 people inquired [about me], 90 magazines, 90 newspapers, these keep talking about the same subject.

There are a couple of things I need to say to you, because all the people here support the people in the Gulf, most people, even Arabs who have maids, are supportive of me.

Nevertheless, in a bid to clarify the matter, I have posted on Instagram yesterday. Of course I did not have to offer any apology because I was telling the truth, but this was only to make things clear.

They wrote, ‘The Kuwaiti fashionista, the veiled [woman], the Muslim.’

After seeing all this, I felt there’s an attack on Islam, [with those people] saying, look she is wearing the hijab, look at the Muslims, of course [look] at the Kuwaitis in particular, and similarly the people of the Gulf region, look at the Arabs.

Keeping a domestic worker’s passport is deemed an enslavement and racism. Why judge me [this way] when I keep my servant’s passport with the aim to ensure my safety?

Where are the humanitarian people? These express more outrage over my remarks than they have over humanitarian crises and massacres in Syria, Iraq and Gaza. Are these humanitarian values?

Humanity [for them] was busy focusing solely on the passport?

We say that this is intentional in order to damage Kuwait, and Kuwait is known for its humanitarian values, and we do not need anyone’s testimony.

As Muslims, Arabs and Gulf nationals, it is crystal clear when Hijab, Hijab, Hijab, Islam and Kuwait represent a target [for slanderous people].

In the name of God, I call on my followers to boycott the brands that have severed relationships with me via their messages on email…

In all cases they relate it to Islam, Arabs and those wearing the hijab.

Why? What is your problem with Muslims? What did you learn about Muslims?

Our [Kuwait’s] donations have reached the entire world. We have never been neglectful of anyone.

This is not a personal issue. No! They intend to target hijab-wearers, the Muslima, the Gulf nationals.

Islam is [driving them mad]. Hijab is [frustrating] them.

We have respected all the places we have visited including those that serve alcohol, or allow bikinis despite the fact that we have nothing to do with that.

We have shown respect to all religions and nationalities.”

Other social media posts

In addition to this video, Al Qattan also put up two new Instagram posts after the controversy erupted – one in which she’s posing with a new line of fragrances by Kuwait-based Al Jazeera Perfumes, and another from the same shoot, which she’s captioned as “Do what you find is right and not what is commonplace”.

Source – The National


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