Kuwaiti Government Plans Transition To Paperless Operations

 Kuwait is preparing to transition to a fully digital government, according to a government source. The “Paperless Government” project aims to digitize all government agency transactions, effectively ending paper use within three to five years.

The ambitious project will integrate all government services through a user-friendly application, promoting efficiency by automating services electronically and centralizing them in an interconnected platform. The shift aims to speed up service delivery and reduce long-term operational costs by leveraging a robust electronic cloud infrastructure currently under development.

Additionally, the government is in the process of drafting an agreement with Microsoft, following a similar partnership established with Google last year. This collaboration is expected to significantly bolster Kuwait’s technological and informational infrastructure, focusing on cybersecurity enhancements to protect against hackers and other electronic threats.

The initiative also includes plans to develop a world-class data centre and enhance the country’s cybersecurity measures. Another key component of this digital shift is the preparation and training of national cadres. Approximately 5,000 university students will be enrolled in specialized courses before graduation, equipping them with the necessary skills to enter the labour market as qualified technicians immediately.


Gulf News

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