Kuwaiti woman detained for torturing expat maid

A 40-year-old Kuwaiti woman was detained by security officials for torturing and burning an older Sri Lankan domestic worker, Al Anba reported.

The women’s three underage sons were also involved in the act.

The Ministry of Interior sent security forces, from the Farwaniya security force, to free the migrant worker. Once freed, the woman was taken to the Sri Lankan embassy to complete legal procedures and conduct a medical investigation into her wounds.

A source told Al Anba that the maid sought help from the embassy and informed them that she was being tortured and held captive by her employer. The embassy then informed the Ministry of Interior and provided them with a full report of the incident.

The Ministry of Interior then sent security forces to the house and asked to see the Sri Lankan woman. Once asked about the incident, the woman explained that she asked her employer to leave Kuwait as she wanted to move back home, due to her old age. Her employer refused her request and then tortured her.

In her statement to the security officials, the woman mentioned that her employers three children would hold her down while their mother would heat various items and burn them on her shoulders, chest and other parts of her body.


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