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Kuwaiti Woman Found Dead in Saudi Desert After Husband Claimed She Was Left in Airport Washroom

Saudi authorities have found the body of a Kuwaiti woman in a remote desert area north of Jubail in the Eastern Province.

The body was found after extensive searches following her husband’s claim that he had left her at a restroom in a Saudi airport before returning to Kuwait alone.

Local media in Kuwait reported that the deceased was traveling with her husband and their son to Bahrain and upon their return, her husband left her at the airport and departed with their child.

He later informed her family that she had disappeared in Saudi Arabia, claiming ignorance of her whereabouts.

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al Majlis revealed that the husband was summoned by Kuwaiti authorities and appeared in an “abnormal” state during interrogation.

He confessed to leaving his wife at the airport but did not immediately disclose the circumstances leading to her death.

The ongoing investigation are underway to uncover the details surrounding this case, including the motives behind the alleged murder.


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