Labour Force Survey 2018.. Accurate data for better decision-making

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Bahrain: The Information & eGovernment Authority has planned to conduct the Labour Force Survey in the Kingdom of Bahrain to develop labour-related information by collecting detailed data related to employment, unemployment and relevant issues – as accepted internationally on a comparable basis over different countries in the world.

The Labour Force Survey is based on the International Labour Organization (ILO) standards, taking into account the local and regional requirements to be conducted during a period of one year, covering 4,500 randomly selected households to obtain individual characteristics, personal demographics for all the members of the households. Employment related information for 15+ individuals will also be included.

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Survey researchers will visit 4,000 private Bahraini and Non-Bahraini households and 500 labour camps but excludes army camps, local authority homes or hospitals, etc.

The main purpose of the survey is to obtain basic data on the labour force situation and make labour statistics available to the government for better decision-making, public and private sector researchers. The survey will provide labour market indicators for regional and international organizations, publish labour statistics along with employment estimates that include detailed break downs by demographic characteristics, industries and occupations, job tenures as well as actual working hours.

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Survey data will be disseminated by multiple dimensions consisting of age, sex, nationality, educational attainment as well as permanent/temporary and full-time/part-time employment in different economic activities and occupations.

This survey is planned in cooperation with GCC-Stat and ILO. Similar surveys are undertaken in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar in GCC.

Source Credit: Bahrain This Week


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