Lamborghini Bahrain Launches First Ever Urus SE

Lamborghini Bahrain unveiled the launch of the Lamborghini Urus SE, the first ever plug-in hybrid version of the luxury Super SUV, at an event held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Bahrain.

The unveiling was attended by Lamborghini regional HQ, vehicle owners, partners, and media representatives and had over 150 guests in attendance. It was a celebration of Lamborghini’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance, luxury, and sustainability.

Guests were treated to an exclusive display of ad personam configuration items from the factory, providing them with a firsthand understanding of the exquisite colors and trims available in the new model. This bespoke experience allowed attendees to immerse themselves in the personalisation options offered by Lamborghini, further elevating the allure of the Urus SE. 

Mr. Colin Sattar, General Manager of Lamborghini Bahrain, remarked, “The launch of the Lamborghini Urus SE in Bahrain is a momentous occasion for us and a significant milestone in the realm of automotive excellence. The Urus SE represents the perfect fusion of electrifying performance and sustainable innovation, redefining the expectations of luxury SUVs. We are thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking model to our esteemed patrons and enthusiasts in Bahrain.

Bahrain’s automotive scene witnesses a significant shift with the introduction of the Lamborghini Urus SE, marking a notable milestone in performance, luxury, and environmental awareness. For further details and inquiries, reach out to Lamborghini Bahrain via


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