When Is Lazy Food Healthy Food?

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For those of us living our lives at 100 miles per hour, with never a moment to think, it often seems like eating healthily is just too time-consuming. Sure, we can order a salad instead of a burger when we’re eating out, but all too often, eating healthily is difficult when you don’t have time to spare.

What’s more, eating healthily when you’re busy and stressed just doesn’t seem like too much fun. The truth is that when we’re under pressure, we tend to hanker after foods that may not be the healthiest of options, but which feel kind of comforting. In other words, we can tend to comfort eat; eating to help overcome the stress, and making the wrong choices in doing so.

This is a dangerous road to embark on; what feels like a temporary blip can gradually become more of a long-term lifestyle fact. It’s also a downward spiral; when we feel at our worst, we tend to compound things by making unhealthy choices. This is a cycle that has to be broken.

So how do we do it? In three words, we take action. It may be easier than you think. So imagine you’re in on your own feeling tired after a hard day and you decide to order in as you’re feeling a little self-indulgent. Ordering in is traditionally associated with less healthy foods, but force yourself to pick a healthier option that is also delicious. For example, you don’t need to choose a burger and chips; you could go for an Italian or Greek salad, or a satisfying but healthy sandwich instead. What’s more, making these kinds of choices not only give us great ideas for replicating the meals ourselves, but they also take that first crucial step towards us feeling better about ourselves. This, in turn, creates an upward healthy spiral; a trajectory where we feel ever more positive about ourselves.

“Greek salad @ I Kiriti (Amsterdam)” (CC BY 2.0) by franzconde

The same is true when out shopping. So to try and help break the unhealthy cycle, there are lots of great choices available in most supermarkets that are simultaneously both lazy and great for your wellbeing. The trick is in simply having a few great ideas for lazy but healthy choices at your disposal – then acting on them.

Another great option is to take time out, say on a Sunday, to prepare yourself some great healthy meals for the busy week ahead. This also feels kind of therapeutic. For example, you can find a really healthy muffin or egg sandwich recipe, prepare a few then freeze them, grabbing one each day for breakfast on the go via the microwave.

Similarly, preparing a bunch of smoothies and putting them in the refrigerator a few days ahead, or making healthy soups that can be warmed up quickly is a good way to go.

Overall, the crucial thing is to take action, accept that you’re busy and stressed, accept that you feel like comfort eating from time to time and that you’re feeling a little lazy – but then take the step of choosing only healthful options.

Source: Hungryng Food via Facebook


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