Lebanon: Heartbreaking video of child imprisoned in underground cage triggers outrage

A heartbreaking video was shared on social media showing a child imprisoned in an underground cage by his father in Tripoli.

The public reactions on social media were fierce against the father for his inhuman behaviour toward his son.

As a result of the immediate follow-up by the authorities of the Beddawi faction, it was found that the child (born in 2009, Syrian) and his father live in an underground warehouse due to financial hardship, and the owner of the warehouse does not receive rent.

The father reported that he works in the field of collecting cardboard at night, and when he leaves the place, he locks the door for fear of his son.

The child, in the presence of the juvenile representative, confirmed his father’s statements, and the owner of the warehouse stated that they were staying there without rent.

The child was handed back to his father upon instructions from the pertinent judiciary.



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