“LEVEL 5” Innovation Center Moving to RVIS

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Riffa Views International School (RVIS) is embarking on an ambitious journey to bring a level of innovation that has never been seen in Bahrain or the region. RVIS, in partnership with International School Services (ISS), will transform the school into a hub of innovation for the region. The school will be expanding an already existing program that started 18 months ago by ISS and Shekou International School (SIS) in Shekou China that revolutionized education in the region.

Since the opening, the LEVEL 5 Innovation and Training Center at SIS has earned the school the “21st Century Learning School of the Year” which is awarded by an illustrious group of educators from around the world. LEVEL 5 and SIS has also been named an Apple Distinguished School for its effectiveness in instilling innovative practices within the school. Thanks to LEVEL 5, global innovation experts regularly present workshops at the school which attracts hundreds of teachers from around the world.

The new LEVEL 5 Center at RVIS is scheduled to open in the 2018- 2019 school year and will promote the exploration of design thinking and project based innovation while bringing in experts from around the world on a regular basis. A culture of innovation will be ingrained in every aspect of the school changing how education is viewed and experienced.

This innovative style of education will help RVIS students rise above the rest when applying to the top universities around the world, as well as give them the skills for future careers. The aim of LEVEL 5 is to also provide opportunities for local and international schools and businesses to utilize the space to expand their innovative practices and partner with the school in a variety of ways.

After making the announcement to the RVIS community, the School Director, Dr. Kurt Nordness said, “we are honored to have been chosen from other elite schools in the region to become the worldwide headquarters for LEVEL 5 and look forward to bringing a new level of innovation to our school and the region.” He went on to say, “the LEVEL 5 project will indeed reinforce RVIS’s vision of being a beacon of innovative teaching excellence for the region and the world.”


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