Lighter Fury: Bahraini Man Jailed for Cold Store Rampage

A 46-year-old Bahraini man who attacked a cold store employee for denying credit purchase due to outstanding previous credit has been sentenced to a five-year jail term by the High Criminal Court.

While the employee was working at the cold store, the defendant, who was notorious for his repeated troublesome behaviour and failing to pay for purchases, asked for a pack of cigarettes.

The cold store employee declined to provide the cigarettes. The man took out a cigarette lighter and threatened the employee by igniting the lighter. Fearing for his safety, the employee reluctantly handed over a pack of cigarettes.

While exiting the store, the man seized a box of sweets, which costs BD 4.8 and threw it out recklessly. He also got hold of a box of tissue paper from the store and attempted to flee from the store.

The employee ran after the man and tried to get the box of tissue paper back. Though the employee got the box of tissue paper back, the man threw a metal object at the employee while he was returning to the store, injuring him.

A medical report confirmed the injury and legal proceedings were initiated against the Bahraini man. The High Criminal Court found him guilty of theft, assault, and property damage and sentenced him to a jail term for five years.


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