A Little Venice planned just off the Dubai coast

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A Dubai developer is intent on recreating the Venice experience by just taking a ride in a car and a boat. And a helicopter if need be. At Cityscape Global, the Kleindienst Group has brought to surface its most ambitious project yet – “The Floating Venice”, which will feature super-premium hotel rooms built on top of a “vessel”.

The hotel “landscape” will stretch over 37,000 square metres. That particular stretch of water – four kilometres from the shore – and the building rights on them were acquired recently, the Chairman said.

“It’s not a typical builder who will put it together but a boat builder,” said Josef Kleindienst. “We are working on the tenders right now.” Featuring 414 rooms, the resort has a capacity of up to 3,000 guests daily, with the accommodation, restaurants and recreation split over four decks, one being underwater. Guests will arrive by boat, seaplane or helicopter to the main Piazza San Marco where they can check-in at the underwater lobby.

Source Credit: Khaleej Times
Read full story: http://bit.ly/2jitWuh


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