LIVE: Latest Updates on COVID-19 Worldwide

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11:01 pm

Global Cases

Total: 1,684,281
Deaths: 102,053
Recoveries: 375,221


11:00 pm

A remote Amazon tribe just recorded its first coronavirus death

A 15-year-old teen from the Yanomami indigenous tribe died Thursday from coronavirus-related causes in northern Brazil, according to a statement from the country’s health ministry.


10:20 pm

UK’s coronavirus curve beginning to bend, but it’s still a “dangerous,” health official says

Britain’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van Tam said that the curve of coronavirus infections is starting to bend — but it’s “impossible” to say the United Kingdom has reached its peak.


10:18 pm

There are at least 473,093 cases in the US


10:14 pm

More than 18,000 people have died in the US


09:45 pm

Bahrain: 12 New Cases, 9 Recoveries Recorded


09:18 pm

Kuwait: Cabinet to Consider Full Curfew

The Kuwait government has said it is considering imposing a full curfew in the country, as well as increasing medical employees and halving passes issued to workers across various sectors that allow their movement during the curfew, state news agency KUNA reported.


09:17 pm

Ireland extends coronavirus restrictions until May 5


08:45 pm

US: Trump asks for prayers of healing on Good Friday

President Trump focused on the battle against Covid-19 in a scripted message on Good Friday, thanking first responders and calling on Americans to pray for the nation.


08:16 pm

UAE: Over 40,000 Coronavirus Tests Conducted in Last Two Days

The UAE has conduced over 40,000 COVID-19 tests over the past two days involving various segments of society, including UAE citizens and residents.

The accelerated investigative and check-up measures resulted in the detection of 331 new coronavirus cases of various nationalities, all of whom are in stable condition and receiving necessary care, taking to 2,990 the total tally of infections in the country, according to a MoHaP statement.


08:11 pm

Boris Johnson has been able to go on “short walks” at hospital

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been able to go on short walks, between periods of rest, “as part of the care he is receiving to aid his recovery,” a Downing Street spokesperson said on Friday.


07:45 pm

Melinda Gates says coronavirus will be “horrible in the developing world”

Melinda Gates says she’s very concerned that vulnerable, poor populations in developing countries will not be able to handle the coronavirus crisis.

“It’s going to be horrible in the developing world. And part of the reason you’re seeing the case numbers still don’t look very bad, it’s because they don’t have access to very many tests,” said Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is putting billions of dollars behind eight potential vaccines for the coronavirus.


07:40 pm

Bahrain: OFWs to Get Financial Assistance from Philippine Embassy

The Philippines Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has issued guidelines on the provision of financial assistance to displaced land based and sea based Filipino workers due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


07:19 pm

Tokyo announces tighter restrictions as coronavirus spreads

Tokyo’s Metropolitan Government announced the highest one-day spike with 189 new cases, bringing the total to 1,708 on Friday.

The government will ask businesses to close starting this weekend as part of its measures to curb the spread of coronavirus. Entertainment facilities such as bars and internet cafes, universities & education centers, sports and amusement facilities, theaters, assembly halls & exhibition centers, and commercial facilities such as shopping centers, will all be asked to close from Saturday.

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07:11 pm

Coronavirus Deaths Cross 100,000 Worldwide

Deaths caused by the respiratory disease, COVID-19 have now crossed 100,000 worldwide while the world recently witnessed the milestone of 100 days since the virus impacted human life.
The epicenter of the pandemic has moved from region to region, and is currently centered around the US and Europe.

Of the 100,000 +, the US has the highest share of deaths, flowed closely by Italy, Spain and France.

The deaths in UK, though still not a 5-digit figure, are quickly rising, with experts noting one of the fastest increases of the death rate in the country.

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In the Middle East, Iran has the highest number of cases and deaths while in the GCC, Saudi Arabia has recorded the most number of deaths, with Kuwait recording the fewest.

Meanwhile, more than 350,000 have recovered from COVID-19, while infections are more than 1.6 million worldwide.


07:07 pm

Saudi: Five Areas Put Under Complete Lockdown

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior announced a total lockdown on five neighbourhoods in Medina starting today until a further notice, in bid to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The neighborhoods include Al Sherbat; Bani Dhafar; Qurban, Al Jumuah; and parts of Al Iskan district and Bani Khudrah. No one will be allowed to enter or exit these areas, the ministry added.


07:00 pm

Singapore suspends use of Zoom for online schooling after security concerns

Singapore has announced the suspension of Zoom for in home-based learning after a security breach was found, the Ministry of Education said in a statement Friday.

Aaron Loh, divisional director of the Educational Technology Division, said the ministry has been made aware of a number of “very serious incidents” involving the use of Zoom, and has decided to suspend the software to ensure online security.


06:51 pm

Switzerland: 418 new cases and 39 new deaths


06:15 pm

Spain: 3831 new cases and 523 new deaths


05:50 pm

US: New York has more cases than any other country

The state of New York has more cases than any other country in the world, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

New York is reporting 161,807 coronavirus cases according to a tally by JHU.

Spain (No. 2), the country with the second most coronavirus cases behind the US, has 157,022 cases. Italy (No. 3) is reporting 143,626 cases. France (No. 4) and Germany (No. 5) are both reporting more than 118,000 cases, according to tallies by JHU.

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05:40 pm

India Records Biggest Daily Jump of 896 New Cases, 37 Deaths

The overall coronavirus tally has touched 6,761 in India, including 896 new cases in the past 24 hours, the data from the Ministry of Health and Family Affairs Ministry said.


05:32 pm

Philippines Gets $500 Million World Bank Loan

The World Bank is giving the Philippines a $500 million loan to help the country’s fight against coronavirus.

The funding is part of a $14 billion fast-track package from the World Bank Group to strengthen the response of developing countries to the pandemic and shorten the recovery time.


05:31 pm

Spain is “not yet in de-escalation phase,” health minister warns

Spain’s health minister warned that the country is not in a “de-escalation phase” even as his government prepares measures to slowly end the current movement restrictions in place to tackle the novel coronavirus outbreak.


05:30 pm

More than 16,000 people have died from coronavirus in the US

At least 16,703 people have died in the US from coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University’s tally of cases.


05:27 pm

UK Death Toll Hits 8,931 With 953 New Fatalities

Britain suffered another grim day in its coronavirus crisis today as officials recorded another 953 deaths in the home nations, taking the UK’s spiralling victim count to 8,931.

England recorded 866 new fatalities among infected patients in hospital, while another 87 were today confirmed in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


05:18 pm

Coronavirus: South Korea Reports 91 Recovered Patients Tested Positive Again

South Korean officials on Friday reported 91 patients thought cleared of the new coronavirus had tested positive again.

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Jeong Eun-kyeong, director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC), told a briefing that the virus may have been “reactivated” rather than the patients being re-infected.


04:49 pm

Pakistan Extends Suspension of International, Domestic Flights

The Pakistan government has extended the suspension of domestic and international flight operations in the country until April 21 in a bid to contain the coronavirus spread, said a notification issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


04:41 pm

Philippines: Doctors and Health Workers Barred From Going Abroad

The Philippines has barred doctors, nurses and other health workers from leaving for overseas work as the nation seeks to stem the coronavirus outbreak, according to its immigration bureau.


04:30 pm

Bahrain: 63-Year-Old Bahraini Registered as 6th Death in the Kingdom

The Ministry of Health has today announced the death of a 63-year-old male Bahraini national, a registered active case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) who was suffering from underlying and chronic health problems.

The deceased male, who had returned from Iran, was placed in isolation and received extensive 24-hour treatment from a specialised medical team.


04:12 pm

Saudi: Lockdown imposed on neighborhoods in Medina


04:10 pm

Saudi: 364 New Cases; Three New Deaths


03:59 pm

UAE: A one-time cash aid shall be given to Filipino expats whose employments were affected

A one-time cash aid of Dh730 shall be given to Filipino expats whose employments were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, guidelines released by the Philippine labour department clarified that only those who were displaced because of the crisis are eligible.


03:45 pm

More than half of patients in Iran have recovered, health officials say

More than half of the coronavirus patients infected with coronavirus in Iran have “recovered,” the country’s health ministry spokesperson Kianush Jahanpoor announced on Iranian state television today.

Iran recorded 122 more coronavirus-related deaths in the past day, bringing the total death toll to 4,232, Jahanpoor said.


03:31 pm

Boris Johnson “just beginning his recovery”

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is “just beginning his recovery” from Covid-19 and continues to be in “very good spirits” after being moved out of the intensive care ward.

Johnson will be taking the advice from his medical team, but will not be going to the Prime Minister’s countryside retreat Chequers.

The Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will continue to stand in for Johnson, who entered intensive care on Monday and left the unit on Thursday.

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03:23 pm

Bahrain: 12 New Coronavirus Cases Are of Expat Workers

The Ministry of Health announced that 12 of the 26 new cases are of migrant workers who were in preventive quarantine after they were in contact with an existing case.

After confirming the results of laboratory tests carried out for those in preventive quarantine, the existing cases were immediately transferred to the place designated for isolation.

Treatment for migrant workers has started, and they are receiving the necessary medical care.


03:12 pm

New Death, 26 Fresh Cases in Bahrain

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that there are 377 cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Bahrain as of today, including 26 new cases and one death.

Of the new 26, 8 cases are from abroad and 18 are from contact with existing cases. A 63-year-old Bahraini, who had underlying diseases and health conditions and was among the existing cases from Iran, is deceased.

Currently, a total of 57,307 people have been tested and the total number of confirmed active cases is 377, amongst which 3 patients are in critical condition. To date, 530 patients have been discharged and 6 deaths have been confirmed.

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03:01 pm

The meaning behind your strange coronavirus dreams

If you’ve been having bizarre dreams during the pandemic, you’re not alone.

Those who are sharing their #pandemicdreams on Twitter are either amazed at the peculiarity of their dreams or distressed by plots that centre on death, fear and strange new worlds.

According to experts, these cryptic responses are normal. Our brains’ way of understanding the stressful information we take in during the day can manifest in nightmares.

Or we might dream of past chapters in life that were less stressful.

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“This [pandemic] is something that they’ve never experienced before,” said sleep medicine expert Dr. Meir Kryger, professor of pulmonary medicine and clinical professor of nursing at Yale School of Medicine.

“And it’s possible that their brains are trying to find a time when things weren’t like that. It’s like when sometimes people are trying to fall asleep and they can’t turn their minds off. They will try to think about a time when things were better.”


02:45 pm

Spain’s cases and deaths are slowing down

Spain has recorded another 605 deaths from coronavirus in the past day, a stark toll that nonetheless shows that the country’s outbreak is slowing.

Spain’s daily death toll rose by 4% on Friday, the lowest increase recorded since the virus arrived in Spain. The increase was 4.7% on Thursday.

“We have reached the peak and now the de-escalation begins,” Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said in Parliament on Thursday.


02:27 pm

Russia sees its largest rise in new coronavirus case yet

Russia’s coronavirus infections today jumped by 1,786 to 11,917, marking the biggest daily rise in the country’s accelerating outbreak.

The number of deaths also rose by 18 to 94, according to Moscow’s crisis response centre.


01:50 pm

Qatar Cases Rise to 2,512 After 136 New Cases Reported


01:35 pm

State of emergency in Japan expanded as coronavirus cases jump

The Japanese prefectures of Aichi and Gifu declared a state of emergency on Friday as the number of coronavirus infections in the regions continued to rise.

Japan confirmed a record 576 new cases on Thursday, bringing the total to 6,255, including 712 on a cruise ship quarantined in the port of Yokohama in February, according to a Kyodo News tally. More than 110 people have died of Covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by the virus.


01:20 pm

Indonesia reports 219 new coronavirus cases, total 3,512


01:00 pm

Kuwait Reports 83 New Cases, Total at 993

Kuwait reported 83 new cases of the novel coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 993, the Ministry of Health announced.

Two new cases are related to travel and are of Kuwaiti nationals who had been to the United Kingdom, the ministry said.

Another 77 cases are of those who had been in contact with previously infected individuals. They include a Kuwaiti national, 51 Indians, seven Bangladeshis, eight Pakistanis, one Syrian, three Egyptians, five Nepalis, and one Filipino.

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Four people are also currently under epidemic investigation.

The Minister of Health had earlier announced that the number of recoveries rose to 123.


12:45 pm

Oil prices and coronavirus could cost MENA region $116bn, says World Bank


12:33 pm

Malaysia extends nationwide movement restrictions until April 28


12:17 pm

UAE conducts over 40,000 COVID-19 tests in two days


12:00 pm

Twelve COVID-19-infected patients recover in Kuwait


11:44 am

Italian PM expected to extend lockdown into May

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is expected to announce an extension to the country’s lockdown measures when he addresses the nation today.

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The extension would likely continue till May 3 with only a few exceptions of businesses being allowed to reopen slightly sooner. Conte went on to tell union representatives that this was the only way to protect public health in Italy.


11:22 am

Surge in anti-Asian racism online

A new study backs up what has already been documented anecdotally in the past few months: The coronavirus pandemic has coincided with a surge in Sinophobic, or anti-Chinese, sentiments — especially online.

The group of researchers looked at a variety of social media platforms and online bulletin boards like 4chan, where there was a rise in derogatory terms for Chinese people around February of this year.

Other terms and slurs toward minority groups decreased or flatlined in relation to topics surrounding the virus, research found.

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11:02 am

Sweden is refusing to lock down

Much of Europe is still on lockdown with severe movement restrictions — but not Sweden.

Restaurants and bars are open in the Nordic country, playgrounds and schools too, and the government is relying on voluntary action to stem the spread of Covid-19.

The approach is about encouraging and recommending, not compulsion. Two days after Spain imposed a nationwide lockdown on March 14, Swedish authorities were encouraging people to wash hands and stay at home if sick. On March 24, new rules were introduced to avoid crowding at restaurants. But they very much stayed open.

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Sweden has reported 9,141 cases of the coronavirus and 793 deaths.


10:59 am

Germany sees its highest number of coronavirus deaths

Germany has suffered a record daily increase in coronavirus deaths as 266 more people were added to the death toll today.

The latest deaths bring the total from 2,107 to 2,373, surpassing the previous record of 254 fatal cases announced on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the total number of infections jumped by 5,323, a figure which has now risen four days in a row – dampening hopes that the crisis is under control.

The 4.9 per cent increase in cases takes the overall tally from 108,202 to 113,525.

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10:38 am

More than 70 nurses have been infected in Mumbai

More than 70 nurses in the Indian city of Mumbai have tested positive for the coronavirus, and 250 nurses have been quarantined.


10:30 am

Australia closes beaches amid coronavirus lockdown


10:24 am

Ultimate Fighting Championship postpones UFC 249 and all other events

UFC 249, the highly anticipated fight event organized by the Ultimate Fighting Championship, will not happen on April 18 as previously scheduled.

Additionally, all other UFC events have been postponed indefinitely.


10:15 am

British PM Boris Johnson Out of Intensive Care


10:15 am

Oman announces 27 new cases, one new death in last 24 hours

Oman reported 27 new coronavirus cases and one new virus-related death in the last 24 hours, raising the total number of cases in the country to 484 and the number of fatalities to three, the Ministry of Health announced on Friday.

The new death is of a 41-year-old resident, the ministry announced late on Thursday.


10:00 am

Bahrain: New 130-Bed ICU for COVID-19 Critical Patients

A new 130-bed facility has been added in the BDF Military Hospital to provide healthcare for critical cases infected with COVID-19.

Lt. General Dr. Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa said the field intensive care unit was built in a record time of seven days. He added the unit was outfitted with the best equipment and according to the highest standards. He pointed out that Bahrain will provide 500 beds nationwide to provide the needed treatment when required.

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The SCH President listened to a briefing on the unit that will be operated by the Military Hospital and which comprises 130 beds to provide healthcare for critical cases infected with COVID-19.

The Royal Medical Services Commander Major General Prof. Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa revealed that the field intensive care unit in Sitra was equipped with 100 beds and will be outfitted with the best equipment to provide optimum services when needed.

He underlined the efforts being exerted to ensure the safety of all people in Bahrain and prevent the spread of the virus.

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09:50 am

Tokyo announces restrictions on businesses as new cases continue to grow

The new restrictions come as Japan continues to see an increase in the number of new cases each day. Friday saw the biggest daily jump so far, with 579 new cases.


09:35 am

Yemen confirms its first case of coronavirus


09:09 am

Chinese government reveals draft list of animals which can be farmed for meat

China’s Ministry of Agriculture issued a draft list of animals considered fit to be used as livestock on Wednesday night, including dietary staples such as pigs, cows, chickens and sheep, as well as “special livestock” such as a number of species of deer, alpaca and ostriches.

Two species of fox, raccoons and minks can be kept as livestock but not for their meat.

There is no mention of the species of animal which are suspected by scientists to have spread the coronavirus to humans, such as pangolins, bats and civet cats.

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Dogs are also absent from the list of livestock, which, if formally enforced, would lead to China’s first countrywide ban on their consumption in a victory for animal rights activists.

The draft has still yet to be finalized and the public has until May 8 to provide feedback.


08:52 am

The US has more than 465,000 cases and 16,000 deaths


08:40 am

Bahrain: Public Sector Employees Required to Wear Face Masks

“Governmental entities shall obligate all their employees to wear protective face masks at workplaces from April 9, until further notice”, said CSB President Ahmed bin Zayed Al-Zayed, adding that applicants shall not be allowed access to government agencies unless wearing protective face masks.


08:19 am

UAE Nears 3000 Cases, Reports Two More Deaths

The United Arab Emirates confirmed two more people have died from the coronavirus on Thursday, adding that 331 new cases of the virus have been detected cases over the past 24 hours bringing the total to 2,990.


08:04 am

New Zealand reports second death and increase in cases

New Zealand has recorded its second death from Covid-19 and an increase in new cases, said Public Health Director Caroline McElnay in a press conference today.

The fatality is a 90-year-old woman in Christchurch.

After four consecutive days of decreasing new daily cases, New Zealand reported 44 new cases today, up from 29 new cases yesterday.

Fourteen of the 44 cases are linked to existing clusters.

This brings the national total to 1,283, which includes confirmed and probable cases.

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07:51 am

UAE extends closure of mosques, places of worship until further notice


07:34 am

We don’t know how effective homemade masks are, researchers warn

The effectiveness of homemade masks is “not possible to assess” at this time, said the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

How well masks work depend on how they are made, the quality of production, and on how well the person follows other precautionary behaviors.




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