LMRA Urges Companies to Hire Bahrainis; Abide by Labour Laws

When asked about the possibility of providing a data registry on the availability of different flexi permit workers, the LMRA CEO said as a regulator it would be a strict deviation from its duties by performing the role of a placement agency.
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As he spoke at the ‘Monthly Talk’ organised by the Bahrain India Society yesterday, Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) CEO Ausamah Al Absi said that LMRA has solved over 1,100 passport retention cases this year and that companies are committing a big crime by retaining passports of employees.


He also urged the companies to prioritise the hiring of Bahrainis if there are appropriate vacancies. “It’s very simple logic. If someone is investing in the UK or France, he/she will have to abide by the laws drafted by their governments and same is the case here. “All private companies, be it Bahraini or foreign will have to adhere to the labour laws implemented in the Kingdom.”

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A few months ago a group of 5 MPs made a proposal, according to which fines up to BD20,000 could be imposed on companies that don’t prioritise the hiring of Bahrainis. They added that renewal of work permits of violating companies should also come under scrutiny.


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