Look Polished and Professional

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These are the best shoes to wear to work!

  • Oxford Shoes

For formal occasions and definitely with a suit, the smartness of the Oxford shoe will add to your style. Pull them out when there’s a big boardroom meeting or when you want to impress a top-notch client.

  • Derby Shoes

More casual than the Oxford, this is sometimes called “weekend” or “country” style. Nowadays though it can be worn with anything from jeans to a suit. Since this is “looser” than an Oxford, you can wear it if you want to be less formal but still smart.

  • Loafers

A more casual take on power dressing, loafers are more suited to chinos or very casual tailoring. Wear them on off-duty days or for coffee at a relaxed venue.

  • Chelsea Boots

This stylish shoe is perfect for those who want to look both formal and edgy. Versatile enough for both a tailored suit and a shirt and pants combination, this shoe gives you the best of both worlds.

  • Monk-straps

This shoe is more adaptable than the loafer and will look good if you want to add a bit of “swagger” to your step. It looks great with suits and trousers, but will also look fantastic with denim.


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