Lounging at The Domain

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Gulf Insider sat down with Dimitrov Lachezar, the Manager of Domain Lounges to talk about the lounge culture in Bahrain.

Dimitrov Lachezar sauntered into The Domain Prive, the stylish black and white themed coffee space in the hotel for his interview and we were immediately struck by his white tiger coat. It was clear he prepared for this interaction and we were excited to know what he had to tell us about the two most popular outlets of The Domain: Txoxo and Imari.

Dimitrov has had a lot of experience in the hotel entertainment business. He has been on board a cruise line, has worked in Burj Khalifa and Armani Dubai, Starwood & Savoy hotels in Seychelles, and a couple of other places in the Gulf. Bahrain is his last Gulf destination and The Domain, being a chic, trendy boutique hotel, was a perfect match for this savant.

Lounges are upscale drinking establishments that are great places to chill-out and relax. This is where the term “lounge music” or chill-out music came from. The lounge culture in Bahrain has Bushido as one of its pioneers. With its Buddha Bar, spacious and grandiose design, and great parties; it is something to look up to. The Domain boasts of Txoxo and Imari. Txoxo, is one of the best sky lounges in Bahrain; while Imari houses an elegant and chic Japanese themed restaurant. Both are great places for DJ music, drinks, and dancing.

The Domain says that its restaurants, bars, and lounges are “truly a destination for food culture, an electrifying collection”, and Imari is on the top of the list. Imari serves amazing Japanese food with a chef that handrolls fresh sushi from a live sushi station and a great selection of wine, beer, and cocktails. The lounge is divided into three parts, a restaurant, a bar, and a smoking lounge.

Txoxo is a sky lounge on the top floor of the hotel. It’s a playful venue where you can sample unexpected taste combinations from the classic cocktails menu as well as scientific molecular concoctions. Manama’s hip and trendy party place, tables can be moved aside for some impromptu dancing. As Dmitrov said “Nobody in the island has this view”. When asked about his impression of the party scene in the country, he said “Bahrain has a lot to improve in terms of nightlife but we’re getting there”.


Because drinks are an important part of any establishment, we asked how the new taxes on alcohol and hotel services are affecting the business. He said “This is for sure affecting the business, but people will always want to drink, dance, and party so there will always be a space for establishments like ours”.

The Domain has always been known to be one of the hippest venues around (they built a hotel in the middle of the urban jungle), so we asked him what innovations he plans to introduce to the lounges. He said he’s trying to create a more upscale lounge culture, where people dress up to go dancing, and The Domain, which is an urbanite’s haven, is perfect for that.

For enquiries and reservations

The Domain Hotel Bahrain

Tel. +973 1600 0000

Txoxo’s new theme nights

Starting the 10th of January, Txoxo, one of the hottest nightclubs in Manama, will feature new theme nights five times a week. On Saturdays, get ready to groove with Txoxo’s Retro Nights. Chill-out on Sundays, with their Deep-house sessions. Get ready to dance the salsa on Mondays as Txoxo introduces their Latino nights. Have a glass of wine as you enjoy smooth R & B sounds on Tuesday nights. Finally, enjoy Arabesque night on Wednesdays from 11pm with DJ Alishka. Weekends are still as much fun as Txoxo’s DJ’s play mixed music in keeping with the latest trends. HIGH ON HEELS, Bahrain’s best ladies’ night will also continue from Saturday-Thursday, 4pm onwards.


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