Low income families, bachelors in UAE to benefit from cheaper monthly rents

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Low-income families and bachelors in Abu Dhabi will benefit from cheaper monthly rents under a new scheme announced by the Abu Dhabi Municipality on Saturday. Those who earn an annual income ranging from Dh48,000 to Dh72,000 will be offered annual rent ranging from Dh16,800 to Dh25,000.

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport said that high-quality affordable accommodations will be provided to low-income families in the capital where rents would range from Dh917 to Dh1,563 per month. The plan allows property owners to build new buildings or convert existing properties for low-income residents.

Musabbah Mubarak Al Murar, Acting General Manager of Abu Dhabi City Municipality, said: “This initiative aims to provide proper and legal options of residential units befitting the financial means of low-income individuals and at the same time open an investment opportunity to owners of commercial properties in Abu Dhabi Emirate.”

Source Credit: Khaleej Times
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