A major blunder in Grade 11 exam

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Manama: Students following Indian curriculum here will have to sit for their Grade 11 biology and business studies exam again.

The reason: a major blunder made by one of the schools in the Kingdom forced authorities to cancel the papers.

Their preparations were thrown into chaos after a school, reportedly leaked question paper on biology and business studies, without any deliberate effort, by holding examination on the subject a day early than others.

The result: Students will have to take the exam again. This time on an agreed date by all the schools, i.e. on 25th this month.

The incident came to public notice when students started sharing the leaked question papers in their grade 11 biology and business studies exams. This lead to a shocking finding that students of New Indian School sat for their biology exam on Saturday giving heads-up to Indian School Bahrain (ISB), Al Noor International School, Ibn Al Haytham Islamic School and New Millennium School students, who wrote the same exam, a day after, on Sunday.

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According to our sources, the question paper was leaked to the students by private tutors.

The issue was discussed yesterday by Principals and officials from schools, who reached a consensus to hold the exam again.

Speaking to DT News, Dr Deepa Talwar, on behalf of the committee, said 25th was the agreed date for the re-sit. “The students will have to re-sit for the exam, as this is the standard course of action in such situations,” she said.

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Elaborating what led to the blunder, she said, “One of the schools was at fault in this happening. However, we have discussed ways to prevent such incidents in the future. We have to respect the sanctity of examinations, we are taking it seriously,” she said.

“We have informed the Ministry of Education and have their support for this,” she added.

Source Credit: DT News 


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