Making changes to your home in Oman? You could be fined OMR300

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Planning to paint your building’s external walls a new colour? Or maybe install some canopies and bird cages on your roof? If so, you might be committing a building violation. If any of these changes are implemented without permission, they can attract fines ranging from OMR100 to OMR300, the Muscat Municipality (MM) has announced.

The list of existing building violations include changing the building’s colour without permission, installing umbrellas or canopies and bird cages on roofs, building an annex without a permit, installing additional temporary structures, non-compliance with requirements for outdoor parking, and neglecting the regular maintenance of buildings.

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Local order (23/92) on regulation of buildings, in accordance with Article 131, specifies that any building or part of a building that could fall and cause danger to its inhabitants must be removed or surrounded by fixed materials to protect residents. Non-compliance with this rule will lead to a fine of OMR300.

Source Credit: Times of Oman


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