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Makkah Mayoralty calls reports about razing of 7 districts untrue

Osama Zaitouni, spokesman of Makkah Mayoralty, reaffirmed that there is no truth in the messages being circulated in the social media about the removal of a number of neighborhoods in Makkah.

He said that only three neighborhoods are under various phases of removal. “According to what was announced by the Royal Commission for the Makkah City and the Holy Sites, the confirmed neighborhoods that have to be removed for redevelopment by the commission to date are Al-Nakasa where the work is underway and Al-Kidwa and Al-Zohour neighborhoods where work will begin soon.”

Zaitouni stressed the need to verify information from its official sources before publishing and circulating it, especially with regard to the issue of demolition. “The social networking sites are not considered as reliable or official sources,” he said while pointing out that there are official agencies that supervise such matters and release statements in this regard.

It is noteworthy that social networking sites circulated a message that seven new neighborhoods including Ri’a Dhakher, Jarwal, Al-Masafi, Ri’a Bakhsh, Al-Tandabawi, Al-Kankariya, Al-Hindawiyah, Al-Qashla, and Umm Al-Naba will be removed during the next year 1444 in addition to the demolition of the previously announced three neighborhoods.



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