Makkah Revamps To Welcome 30 Million Pilgrims Annually By 2030

Makkah pilgrims
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The Makkah revamp is all set to drive a new era for tourism, with several government initiatives paving the way for the Holy City to increase its capacity to 30 million pilgrims annually by 2030.

Progress on major infrastructure enhancements with increased connectivity boosts Makkah’s tourism capacity to create a wave of development opportunities, according to real estate firm JLL.

It added that 2018 witnessed progress with the inauguration of Al Haramain High-Speed Railway and soft opening of the new King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah.

The focus on driving connectivity is a kingdom-wide focus to tap into Saudi Arabia’s potential as a global transport hub with the development of major infrastructure projects providing private and foreign investment opportunities.

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The projected influx of pilgrims supported by a more connected and modernized city is driving positive investor sentiment in Makkah hence creating huge development opportunities particularly in the supporting retail and hospitality sectors, said an associate from JLL MENA.

The report said the city’s retail sector pipeline is expanding and diversifies to accommodate future tourist demands with major projects in their final phases accounting for a significant share of Makkah’s future supply.

The operators are under pressure to create a greater mix of competitive shop-entertainment to cater for the new influx of visitors.

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The report added that Makkah is expected to witness the delivery of 12,300 hotel keys in 2019 and 34,700 keys in 2020 as tourism demand grows.

While 2018 was challenging, the city remains a hot spot for hotel operators looking to enter the market for the first time, it noted.


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