Makkah: Workers Keep Grand Mosque Courtyard Clean During Ramadan

Makkah Grand mosque
Representational image
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A team of more than 2000 cleaners is working around the clock over four different shifts to keep the Makkah’s Grand Mosque courtyard clean during Ramadan. The workers manage to clean the entire holy mosque in just 45 minutes and scrubbing the white marble courtyard surrounding the Kabba takes half an hour.

Cleaning does not hinder a large number of worshippers and visitors to the Grand Mosque in Makkah, the Saudi Press Agency reported. Thirty special electrical vehicles, sixty-seven machines and 400 liters of water are used to clean the courtyard surrounding the Kaaba. A number of pilgrims and visitors to the mosque praised the efficiency of the cleaning services.

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Expats from various countries reported that they were given excellent services and the level of cleanliness was very high. They were impressed with the organized and fast way the floors of the mosque were cleaned and the use of large amounts of rose and oud fragrance gave the mosque a pleasant smell.


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