Man Arrested Over Traffic Laws Protest

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man who allegedly instigated a protest against Bahrain traffic law has been arrested and detained at his home in Bani Jamrah. He was accused of trying to provoke a demonstration against the law, in particular, traffic fines by residents of Isa Town and Riffa.

A post on Instagram urged residents of Riffa and Isa Town to gather in their cars in A’ali and take part in a rally towards the General Directorate of Traffic in Isa Town, between midday and 4pm.

The accused allegedly expressed concern over the high level of traffic fines and the methods being applied by the traffic police. The social media post further urged authorities to review the speed limit for certain roads, including highways, install timers on traffic signals, revise the fine for speeding by more than 30 percent and cancel all traffic violations that occurred before the law is modified.


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