Man enters Bahrain hiding in container as visa request got rejected

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A man enters the Kingdom illegally by hiding inside a wooden container as he was not able to get a Visa. The police arrested him in Muharraq during a clampdown against beggars.

The 45-year-old Asian, revealed his story to prosecutors when he was asked to present his ID and visa. The man, according to police officers, was caught while he was stopping cars and pleading for jobs.

“We saw a man stopping cars looking for a job. When we asked him his ID and visa permit, he admitted that he entered the Kingdom illegally,” a police officer who participated in the clampdown told prosecutors.

During interrogation, he confessed to prosecutors that he did so as his visa request got rejected. “I was working in a GCC state and was unable to renew my work permitted there due to high costs. It was then a friend of mine told me about an alternate way to enter Kingdom.”

The man told investigators that he was surprised when asked to enter a wooden container which will be shipped to the Kingdom via sea.

“I had no option. I slept throughout my journey and I found myself in Bahrain. “I left the seaport and headed to Muharraq, where I was sleeping in the car parks.

“I was desperate to find a permanent job to feed myself. Therefore I decided to stop cars and ask drivers for a job,” he revealed.

He was tried before the Lower Criminal Court, which sentenced him to six months in prison, followed by deportation for entering Bahrain illegally.


Source Credit: DT News


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