Man jailed for embezzlement in Bahrain

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Manama : The First High Criminal Court yesterday sentenced an accountant to five year imprisonment for embezzlement.

The Asian national was found guilty for embezzling over BD25, 000 from the company he worked for.

Court files showed that the man was able to steal the money by unlawfully issuing cheques to withdraw the amounts from the company’s bank account throughout seven months, with the assistance of a driver in the company.

According to the results of the investigations, the defendant issued 32 cheques worth BD25, 073 between January and July 2014. The second defendant in the case, the driver, would cash the cheques and handover the money to the accountant.

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They were both detected by the company, who informed the police about the incident in July, 2014. The defendants were interrogated by the Capital Governorate Prosecution and were referred to the court on embezzlement charges. The court yesterday acquitted the driver who stated that he wasn’t aware of the accountant’s intentions.

Source Credit: News Of Bahrain


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