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Interview with Nada Darwish
Brand & Digital Communication Specialist, Gulf Business Machines

1)    What does your work as a Brand & Digital Communication Specialist in Gulf Business Machines entail?

Gulf Business Machines (GBM) is a regional IT company founded and operating since 1990. My role is to support GBM branches across six countries in all their marketing, internal and external communication needs. I design digital marketing campaigns and assist branches on branding their local events or participating in exhibitions. This role is fast evolving and you have to quickly learn the IT demands that GBM provides in every market as well as the rapidly growing global trends in in ICT, Fintech, IoT (Internet of Things) or Blockchain.

2)    What’s the greatest lesson you have learned regarding communication?

Communication is not just about writing or speaking, it is also how you connect to people visually. An important part of delivering a consistent experience with visuals is branding. A brand makes sense to everybody despite cultural, geographical, ethnic or language differences among people. As the late Paul Arden said: “Don’t give a speech. Put on a show”, meaning, to connect with the audience, entertain them visually!

3)    Tell us about some of the high-profile projects you’ve worked on—the challenges you’ve faced, and the achievements that you’ve had. 

I have been exposed to different industries, whether they were F&B, IT, Banking, Manufacturing or Education. From local and regional SMEs to big international brands like IBM, Cisco and McLaren. The most challenging and enjoyable project I’ve taken on was a collaboration between the Manama Hub and the British Council, wherein we organized a roundtable discussion called, ’Empowering Communities for Positive Change’ in the span of a few days! The event was attended by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and ministries from the Bahraini government. The roundtable discussion included a diverse group of Bahrain’s society in an effort to explore ways to gain greater role in advancing development.

5)    Why did you join Manama Shapers?

The Global Shapers is a diverse community centered around shared values. The voice of youth is becoming more and more influential, Shapers is not only a thriving movement, but an equally important growing international community. As a Bahraini woman and a feminist, it’s great to be around the Manama Shapers, a group of aspiring individuals who shares your beliefs and work together towards the same socio-economic vision for Bahrain.


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