Manama Shapers – Interview with Huda Al Salah

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Interview with Huda Al Salah, Senior Analyst, Monitoring and Compliance Unit—Individuals, Tamkeen

How does your passion for human development, training, and education translate into your work in Tamkeen?

My work in Tamkeen is directly related to the above-mentioned areas. I work in the Monitoring and Compliance Department, where we monitor the performance and compliance of training service providers who deliver training programs for individuals sponsored by Tamkeen. Therefore, I ensure that Tamkeen-sponsored individuals are benefiting from the training programs and will be able to use the knowledge gained from them professionally. My work allows me to make changes on a daily basis to improve the quality and training experience of Tamkeen-sponsored individuals. My work is self-rewarding, involves a great deal of interaction, and rotates around human development, training, and education, which conveniently aligns with my passion for those fields.

You gained experience in different departments in Tamkeen, would you recommend this to people who work in big companies? Why or why not?

I definitely recommend this to people who work in big companies, but also smaller ones. Gaining experience in different departments throughout the organization has allowed me to understand the nature of the organization from different angles, helped me grasp Tamkeen’s strategy and culture, exposed me to different challenges and, most importantly, introduced me to many employees across the organization.

Why did you join Manama Shapers?

Around April 2016, I was introduced to Manama Shapers by Mrs. Amal Al Kooheji, who was Tamkeen’s VP at the time. She was approached by Dr. Ali Adnan, Manama Hub’s Founding Curator and Mentor, who asked her to nominate applicants from Tamkeen; Dr. Ali shared information about the hub and routed me to the application process. I was keenly interested in joining because Manama Hub is a unique platform that connects you to self-motivated and educated individuals from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about serving the community and making Bahrain a better place. In April 2016, I had one month left to complete my Master’s degree in Human Resources at DePaul University and Manama Hub was very flexible, allowing me to delay joining the hub until I finished the degree. Thankfully, today I am in charge of the human resources and onboarding process for the Hub: a great opportunity to apply my studies practically. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Amal Al Kooheji and Dr. Ali for opening my eyes to Manama Hub and the Global Shapers Community.

Do you still have free time? If so, what do you do with it?

I enjoy self-educating myself in different areas. I am an associate member of the UK-based Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and a member of the US-based Association for Talent Development. As such, I benefit from up-to-date insights in human capital development and invest some of my time to develop my skillset in this area, which serves my aim to train and teach in this field in the future. In addition, I have been taking Qur’an classes and developing my recitation skills, as religion is also an area I am passionate about. I also dedicate some of my time in volunteer work with orphans and special needs children.


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