Manama Shapers July 2017

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Interview with Nada Al Saeed Market & Strategy Intelligence, Economic Development Board 

What does your job for the Economic Development Board entail?

I currently work at the Market & Strategy Intelligence department of the Economic Development Board. This department represents the research arm at the EDB, we primarily deal with three main areas:

  We provide intelligence and research support to the EDB’s investment promotional activities. For example, we conduct research and develop reports on Bahrain’s value proposition for different sectors and subsectors within our national economy

  We conduct macroeconomic research and analysis. We work with different government agencies to develop quarterly forecasts of key macroeconomic indicators such as GDP and inflation.

  We also work on a wide range of initiatives that support policy making within Bahrain.

The work you have done has spanned several fields including economic reform, transportation, national strategic planning, and aviation. How have you managed to be so well-versed in many different things?

I have been quite privileged to be working in the EDB over the past 6 ½ years. This organization has given me the most versatile experience, and my journey has been incredibly interesting. I do believe this has been due to a combination of hard work and luck.

When I first joined the EDB, my initial role was to assist the implementation of economic reform projects, however my role started to evolve after a few months.  During my first year, I was selected to work with a small team under the previous acting Chief Executive of the EDB. I spent 3-4 years working on projects within the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication. I was permanently housed back at the EDB premises over the past two years, working on research and economic planning.

Why did you join the Manama Shapers?

I was approached back in 2014 by our founding curator, Dr. Ali Ibrahim, and I was beyond impressed by the caliber of each individual within the Shapers community. I joined the Manama Shapers because I wanted to utilize my time, energy, skillset and whatever that I can offer, to make Bahrain better in any way possible. The Manama Shapers is a great platform to do so, because it connects you to like minded individuals who are equally active and driven, who share the same goal and desire – to give back to our community.

Do you still have free time and if so, what do you do with it?

I am part of a ladies football club, called Ravens FC. We are a newly formed amateur team that plays in Bahrain’s official women’s football league organised by the Bahrain Football Association. I’m definitely not the star player within the team, but I love being part of the Ravens. We are a close-knit family, with players from almost 10 different nationalities. Not only does football help me stay fit and active,  but most importantly, it has given me  an opportunity to build strong friendships.


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