McDonald’s UAE boss says adding healthy food to menu doesn’t work

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The biggest challenge for McDonald’s UAE is “making people buy more salads,” according to its managing director and partner Rafic Fakih. Fakih said there is little demand from UAE customers for healthy options at the fast food chain, which is most popular for its burgers.

“They’re not buying more salads. We put fruit. They’re not buying fruit. I think it’s because people don’t eat out every day. And when they do, they like to opt for food that might have a little more calories or sugar. At the end, we have to offer what people want to eat,” he said.

“Perhaps at home, you want to eat fruit, but if we offer you fruit here, [you’ll say] we’re coming here for the burger. Even for children, we’re selling water or juice instead of soft drinks. And instead of fries, we offer fruits, but it doesn’t work,” he added.

Source Credit: Arabian Business
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