Meet the ‘Kerala cop’ guarding celebrities in UAE for 25 years

Manayil Faisal, bodyguard to the celebrities
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When Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan played the role of a bodyguard in a movie of the same name in 2011 and came to the UAE for promotional events, his bodyguard in the UAE was an Indian expat, Manayil Fasal.

Fasal, who has been working as a VVIP security guard in the UAE for 25 years, said it was an unforgettable experience working with Khan. Rubbing shoulders with the stars, Fasal never misses a chance to get photographed with the celebrities he works for.

Being a Malayalee himself, Fasal has provided security to famous personalities from the Indian state of Kerala. On such occasions, he slips into the uniform of the Kerala Police. “There are a large number of Malayalees here and they can easily identify me when I am in a Kerala cop’s attire. That outfit gave me the name ‘Fasal Police’ among my community here and stars from Kerala.”

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