Meet Ms.Noof Al Shekar, Founder of NS by Noof

Noof Al Shekar, Founder of NS by Noof
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My grandfather was the inspiration for my interest in business. He opened the first suit tailoring house in Bahrain and seeing him being different, inspired me to follow my passion. This led me to be the first handbag designer on the island. My interest in fashion and architecture helped along the way as I could incorporate both fields in my designs.

One of the challenges I faced and still go through is juggling between roles as a businesswoman and a responsible mom of 4. Thankfully, I think I’m blessed to have a big and amazing family who are always there to support me.

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Each handbag at NS by Noof is handmade with care. I personally chose the best materials for each collection. I can ensure that this brand has highest quality handbags with the most unique designs.

To women starting out their careers or business, don’t ever give up. There will be moments where you will want to quit, go home and do nothing but the more you rise gracefully after falling, the further you will reach.


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