Meet Ms.Yasmin Salahuddin, Founder of YAZI

Yasmin Salahuddin, Founder of YAZI
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Bahraini women are the inspiration for YAZI for whom I wanted to create something different. It was a challenging opportunity for me while being one among the first Bahraini women to create both scarves and handbag designs.

Since I studied in London, I was influenced by the fashion that played an important role in everyday life and that’s one of the things that encouraged me to expose my fashion sense. But starting a business wasn’t easy, especially one in fashion. I had to struggle and go through obstacles to build YAZI as a global brand. My brand focuses on being unique and my products are completely a result of creativity and art. This is why I always define my collection as “modern, abstract and different.”

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In business, I think leading with a clear vision and plan helps a lot. Love and passion are what drives me to become better and regardless of gender, I believe that if you are determined, focused and have passion for your work, you will surely be able to achieve prominent roles at your workplace – be it your business or an organization.


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