Melania Trump hails “empowerment of women” at Saudi company visit

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Saudi Arabia is well-known as the world’s most gender-segregated nation, where women live under the supervision of a male guardian and need his permission to travel, study, and get some health treatments. Since the late King Abdullah declared in 2011 that women could join the government advisory Shura council, the situation for women has gradually started to change in line with moves to diversify the economy, employ more women, and cut reliance in oil.

US First Lady Melania Trump praised the “empowerment of women” at a General Electric all-female service center in the Saudi capital yesterday, saying that women should work together and educate their children as well. She told the 200 female employees that she herself tried to find balance between her role as First Lady and mother.

Meanwhile, Trump’s daughter Ivanka, said yesterday that ultraconservative Saudi Arabia has made “encouraging progress” in empowering women but more freedom is needed. Ivanka, serves as an advisor to her father, Donald Trump, president of the United States.


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