Men Are Getting Tattooed as a Hair Loss Solution and It’s Pretty Cool

One thing that so many people do not look forward to when it comes to aging is hair loss. Slowly, your head full of hair recedes and thins out and there’s not much to do about it. 

This company is helping men take hair loss seriously by getting tattooed on their heads.

Australian company @scalpmicropigmentatio boasts about being the number one hair loss solution for men.

“Hair tattooing saved our client from hair loss worries for good,” they said. We watched as a man with thinning hair at the top of his head came in for treatment. 

The tattoo artist outlined a hairline for their client, cut his thinning hair revealing his bald head, and began to tattoo their scalp.

The end result was their client appearing to have a very low buzz cut with no real indication of where he was previously balding. 

They used a wipe to remove the outlined hairline and we saw how natural looking this hair tattooing technique was.

Their client looked great and the focus went straight to his face, where he still had thick full eyebrows and beard. 

People within the comments agreed that their client looked great with the bald head, but were concerned about the longevity of this hair loss solution.

“These turn to a grey wash fast and the dots blur together over time.. looks nicely done though,” one person said. Another person said, “damn the bald look was amazing.”

Tattooing your head could be an easy fix to exposing a balding head. Try for yourself.



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