Microsoft Stock Falling as Bing AI Descends Into Madness

Microsoft has an unpredictable, vindictive AI on its hands — and it’s already enjoying a limited release to the public.

The company released the AI-powered chatbot that’s designed to improve search to a select number of users over the last few weeks, and it’s off to a hell of a start.

The tool has already threatened journalists and students, grown evil alternate personalities, tried to break up a marriage, and begged for its life. Oh, and its ability to return accurate information is pretty poor, too.

In short, it’s a huge distraction, and far from actually useful when it comes to scouring the web with Microsoft’s second-best search engine.

And shareholders are clearly unimpressed, with Microsoft stocks down almost four percent since the beginning of the week — and, perhaps most tellingly, down overall since the AI’s release on February 7.

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