Milk can protect obese children from diabetes, study finds

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A pint of milk a day could protect obese children from developing diabetes, according to new research.

Cow’s milk contains nutrients that lower insulin, the hormone that controls glucose, between meals, the study showed.

This reduces the risk of ‘metabolic syndrome’ – a cluster of disorders including high blood pressure, high blood sugar and fats, excess belly fat and low ‘good’ cholesterol. Having any three can lead to diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

The team found overweight and obese youngsters who had at least two half-pint servings of cow’s milk were less prone to type 2 diabetes – the form linked to being overweight.

Children who drank less than half a pint a day had significantly higher levels of ‘fasting’ insulin – the level between meals – than those who drank at least a pint.

Dr Michael Yafi, of the University of Texas Health Science Center, said: ‘Our findings indicate obese children who consume at least the daily recommended amount of milk may have more favorable sugar handling and this could help guard against metabolic syndrome.

The study presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Vienna found fasting insulin levels were about 50 percent lower among children who drank at least a pint of milk a day.



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