Milk formula pulled off shelves in Bahrain after global recall

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MANAMA: The Health Ministry confirmed yesterday it had pulled four batches of baby milk formula products off the shelves in Bahrain.

This follows a global recall of products by French baby milk manufacturer Lactalis over fears of salmonella bacteria contamination.

The ministry’s food safety control department said it had received a copy of the warning circular issued by the European Food Safety Authority regarding the baby milk formula products of French origin, tested and found to be contaminated with salmonella agona bacteria.

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The ministry warned consumers to avoid using the following four batches: Celia AD 350gm, batch number 17C0012750, expiry date: 11-9-2018; Celia AR 400gm, batch number 17C0012820, expiry date: 22-11-2018; PreCelia 400gm, batch number 17C0013092, expiry date: 11-01-2019; and Celia AL/NUT 400gm GCC, batch number 17C0013287, expiry date: 22-01-2019.

However, Lactalis also recommended the recall of two other batches: Celia Digest BI 400gm GCC, batch number 17C0012807, expiry date: 17-11-2018; and Celia LF BI 400gm x12, batch number 17C0012904, expiry date: 21-1-2018.

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It further said products from these batches should not be consumed or, in the absence of an alternative, to boil the recombined milk for two minutes and bring it back to the consumption temperature.

The ministry noted that it is particularly keen on monitoring these products, periodically and continuously following global warnings, to ensure the safety of food products and protect the health of citizens and residents of Bahrain.

Source Credit: Gulf Digital News

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