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Minister of Labour to be Quizzed Over Bahrainisation

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The Bahrainisation Committee of the Parliament is planning to quiz Minister of Labour and Social Development Jameel Humaidan over Bahrainisation, it emerged. The committee is of the view that Bahrainisation in the private sector and the public sector has not reached adequate levels.

The Parliamentarians believe that the Flexi Visa System and Parallel Bahrainisation have made it difficult for Bahrainis to find jobs.  According to sources, the committee may submit the final report on Bahrainisation on December 28.

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MPs claim that most high and middle-level posts in the private sector is going to expatriates, causing Bahrainis to miss out on lucrative opportunities. They stated that majority of the jobs in the private sector are going to expatriates and called for a law to be enacted, which would restrict certain private-sector jobs to just Bahrainis. According to them, the existing initiatives to reduce unemployment among Bahrainis is not enough.

The number of Bahrainis in the Kingdom reached 677,000 this year, constituting 45 per cent of the population, while there are 823,000 expatriates living here (55pc of total population).


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