Video: Misplaced Cigarette Causes Explosion At Saudi Wedding

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Dozens of men attending a wedding in Saudi Arabia were left bewildered after an explosion rocked their celebrations this week. According to reports, the explosion occurred when the cameraman mistook a bag of gunpowder for trash and discarded the cigarette stub in it.

 The video footage of the explosion went viral on social media which shows a man speaking in the mike at the wedding reception held in Mecca’s Rabigh city. Seconds later, another man, supposedly the cameraman who was filming the event, appears in the footage and is seen bending down to discard the stub. That’s when an ear-splitting explosion occurs and terrified guests can be heard screaming.

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The cameraman, who is reportedly an Egyptian, sustained serious burns injuries and was rushed to a local hospital. While two other wedding guests are said to have escaped with minor injuries.

The incident caused uproar and several media outlets reported that the explosion was a result of an electrical fault at the venue. However, it is yet not confirmed as to what caused the explosion.

Traditionally, gunpowder is readily available at Saudi weddings where it used as a key component in the traditional Al Makamee’ gun dance.

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Source: Khaleej Times


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