Missing Young Saudi Found Murdered After 4 Months

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A 34-year old young Saudi man, Saud Faisal Al-Shihri who was reported missing four months was found murdered in a remote village in the Eastern Province, the Dammam-based Al-Yaum newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The man’s brother, Mamoun Al-Shihri, said the police informed them on Tuesday that their missing brother was found murdered and his car was found about 850 meters away from his body. Police told the family that Al-Shihri’s body was found by a fisherman in the area.

Mamoun said the body of his brother was decomposed and it would have been impossible to recognize him without his ID card, which was found lying beside him. He said two mobile SIM cards were stolen from his brother.

He said he was surprised that his brother’s body was found in the Qatif region. He said a day before Saud went missing, a Saher camera recorded his car’s plate number because he was speeding on a highway.

Saud, who was single, worked at a private company. Mamoun said his slain brother would be buried after the completion of the police procedures.


Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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