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‘Moja’ Program Launched To Promote Saudi Musical Talent

The Saudi Music Commission launched the “Moja” training program to empower the Saudi music community and support emerging talents to hone their musical and singing capabilities. The program also aims to introduce the Saudi music scene internationally as well as to promote the capabilities of local musical talent.

The “Moja” — which means wave — program offers music graduates and aspiring artists a series of training and carefully selected music production workshops at the hands of elite trainers and industry experts to provide them with the basic skills to launch their careers in the world of music. It aims to graduate up to 100 trainees, equipped with exceptional talents and fully qualified to excel in various aspects of singing and music.

For his part, Music Commission CEO Paul Pacificon confirmed that the ‘Moja’ is an initiative that enables new musical talents to showcase their unique art to the world.

He said that the program will firmly position the Kingdom at the forefront as a centre for musical innovation and creative experiences, as it provides an opportunity for promising talents to start their careers in the field of music, by providing thoughtful training, guidance and orientation.

The program called on all music lovers from the Kingdom above the age of 16 to join and participate in this promising opportunity along with their friends, by visiting the MOJA website


Saudi Gazette
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