Molding A Strong Personal Brand

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Each and every one of us has a personal brand, but most of us don’t know it or simply don’t realize it. And then there are others who do know what their personal brand is all about, but fail to exploit it correctly to gain the success they are striving for.

Personal branding consists of marketing yourself and your career the way you would do a product or a service; instilling a specific image of how you want your brand to resonate in the minds of your clients, potential clients, and other stakeholders.

One of the benefits of investing time and effort in your personal brand is that you will get many opportunities where people and companies will look for you whether for work, speaking engagements, media appearances, etc. You will be sought after rather than fishing for opportunities yourself. Also, a strong personal brand will get you a higher chance of being noticed and hired. It goes without saying that most of hiring managers depend on social media in their hiring process and decision making. Therefore, your resume alone is no longer enough; you have to work on your social media presence, and most importantly, your personal brand.

One tip for building a successful personal brand is writing thought leadership articles, which will strongly establish your credibility. Another very important tip is focusing on building a strong online presence as mentioned earlier. Having your own website has a bigger impact than social media only. Also, make sure to always Google your name to see how well you are doing and what reviews say about you. You have a long and bumpy road ahead of you, but your goals can be reached with effort, dedication, as well as constant monitoring and tweaking and continuous improvement.

A final note: It is important to understand that the key to building and establishing your personal will always be authenticity. Nothing good comes out of pretending or being fake. People will be able to see through you sooner or later and this will cause more harm and damage to your personal brand than good.


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