Money Trade Coin Cryptocurrency

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We hear of ‘cryptocurrency’ and ‘Bitcoin’ everywhere and it has many people puzzled as to what this is all actually about. For those who are unsure what exactly cryptocurrency is – let me briefly explain it, as simply as I possibly can!

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money that is designed to be secure. It is a currency associated with the internet that uses cryptography, the process of converting legible information into an uncrackable code used on purchases and transfers.

The listing of ‘Money Trade Coin’

“MONEY TRADE COIN”, a new era cryptocurrency to be listed on the Nova exchange, invited me out to Dubai for their global press conference. The trip kicked off the night before the press conference with an entertaining Gala Dinner catering to a group of 25-30 journalists flown in from across the world – from Bahrain to Luxembourg to Hong Kong to India… and so on.

The global press conference was held on September 17, 2017 at the Burj Al Arab which is one of Dubai’s finest luxury hotels. It was sure a grand welcome – with fresh coffee, breakfast and a chance to meet and speak to the hosts and the people behind Money Trade Coin. The event was highlighted by the attendance of H.E. Sheikh Saqer Al Nahyan along with a list of 40 VIP selected honor guests including H.E. Sheikh Jumaa Al Maktoum and Faisal Almaazmi, his principal advisor and director of Greenland Capital Properties, Khaled Abdulla, Head of Communications MENA at Barclays PLC.

“Money Trade Coin” founder and CEO, Amit Lakhanpal promised earlier this year to list the newly created coin on at least one cryptocurrency public exchange and performed. The next step is to go live on more than four exchanges to include but is not limited to: C6, Coinex, Poloniex and their own private exchange.

Efficient and Flexible

The listing of “Money Trade Coin” announced out of the Emirate of Dubai, UAE – became a bold statement that the economy has evolved towards the adoption of the new technologies as a complementary tool to support the traditional applied methods. The investors demand has increasingly swept from the traditional practices to the digital currency as a secure alternative to safeguard wealth, eliminate costs, increase efficiency and flexibility, and save time while transacting.

Money Trade Coin is strongly set to expand its market penetration rate as a pioneer in the digital currency industry and eyed the Emirate of Dubai to be the bridge for its new expansion. Dubai in itself is a platform that attracts all types of multinational investors, who are avid for new technologies constantly searching for the “Next Big Hit”.

The government is currently interested in the cryptocurrencies that use blockchain to underwrite their transactions and “MONEY TRADE COIN” is one of them. The management of “MONEY TRADE COIN” is willing to work hand in hand with regulators and governments to improve the education about these technologies and their implementation. Money Trade Coin, presents itself with an ultra-secure wallet through multi-level verifications and is the world’s first fully secured Cryptocurrency, which implements the highest standards of compliance with relation to the KYC and AML once onboarding its new investors and following the international directives issued by the Central banks and other regulatory agencies being able to keep the records of all transactions for more than ten years.

MONEY TRADE Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was held in 4 phases and 14 Million MT Coins were offered at each phase, where the minimum subscription was capped at 1 MT Coin.

“Money Trade Coin” is an intellectual property jointly owned by Bitcoin Global FZE, UAE and Money Trade Coin UK Ltd, and is registered in several countries such as: United Kingdom, Estonia, on the verge to issue the certification in Switzerland and in India through its agency Flintstone Techologies  Pvt Ltd.


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