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28th May 2017

New BH Customs Clearance Charges


Bahrain (BAH)



Bahrain Customs Directorate have implemented the new Clearance Service Charges and increased the current existing ones (Based on the attached memo issued  by Ministry of Interior on May 25th, 2017 and published in local newspaper on Fri May 26th).


New Charges are effective from May 26th and has been implemented onto the Customs Clearance system..



Bahrain Customs Clearance Service Fees effective 26th May 2017
ServiceOld charges BHDNew charges BHD
Commercial Shipment Bayan fee1.53.5 Pre Declaration Prior flight Arrival & 5.5 formal declaration
Modify Declaration RequestFree2
Truck Seal12
The request of the linear importer to match the goods at the Customs Department after the submission of the Customs declarationFree10
Deposit refund valuefree5
Issuing a lost or damaged custody receiptFree10
Issuing a lost or damaged deposit receiptFree10
The HS code for each class of goods shall be determined by the request of the owner in the event of the approval of the administrationFree5
Escort from Customs to Customs Board1520 in normal days &  30 in week end



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